Alice & Nick

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of taking photos at Alice & Nick’s wedding in a forest.  There was a lot of driving involved to make these photos happen for Alice & Nick’s forest wedding at the Matara Centre in Gloucestershire, including a section of driving the night before and attempting to sleep on a kitchen floor.  The number of successful hours slept was exactly 0, but hopefully I managed to take some decent photos from the day despite that.

I was second shooting for the incredibly talented Jess Rose.  Every one of her photos are individual works of art, you should check her out!

It was a forest wedding by the way, so the wedding was in the forest, did I mention that? Despite how the weather was looking, Alice (thankfully) stuck to her guns and had the wedding, that’s right, in the forest.  Anyway, enough of that, here’s some of the photos I took at the wedding.  In the forest.


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